Park de Pauw

Guided tours every hour, starting in front of the town hall. Registration on site or via website.
The rich history of this country estate originates in the 17th century. In 1680, two manors were joined to form one large property. One of them was manor Te Pau. During Prince Frederick’s ownership the estate occupied the area between Lange Kerkdam and Pauwlaan. Under his commission, the park was redesigned by J.D. Zocher jr and C.E.A. Petzold. Since 2017 the park is – just like the house – being renovated to do justice to its original design. With the help of visible remains of older times, our tour guides will tell you all about the interesting history of the estate.

[Ref: R. van Lit, kastelen en buitenplaatsen in Rijnland, Zutphen 1983 (with references)]