Heritage Prize Wassenaar

During Heritage Day 2019, the municipality will be presenting the Wassenaar Monuments Prize for the fourth time. Until 15 May you could nominate a person or body that is committed in a special way to the preservation of the beautiful Wassenaar Cultural Heritage.

With the biennial Monument Prize, the municipality wants to show recognition and appreciation for:

  • a person or body that has made a special effort to preserve the cultural heritage of Wassenaar, such as the owner or manager of a monument;
  • a person or body that fulfills an exemplary role with a restoration or conservation project; of a monument in Wassenaar
  • an initiative that contributes to the maintenance of the Cultural Heritage in Wassenaar.

Nominations received

The working group has received the following nominations for the Monument Prize 2019.

Restoration category

  • Van der Doeslaan 1
  • Langstraat 2-4 / Gang
  • Schouwweg 19-19a, house with attached bulb shed
  • Stained glass windows Village church

Maintenance category

  • Square 11
  • Square 12 a
  • Renovated homes Oostdorp from the WBS
  • Oostdorperweg 208, Johanneshoeve

Category of publicist / persons who contribute in general to the preservation of cultural heritage

  • Mrs. Marijke Vrijenhoek because of her commitment to restoring Burchtplein / music square and her many years of involvement and commitment to (historic) Wassenaar
  • Mrs. Anneke Huitink, because of her involvement and commitment to the restoration and maintenance of the Wilhelminaplein park.


  • Mr. Kees Rouw, author of ‘Co Brandes. Builder of the New Hague School ‘(2018).
  • Mr. Joost Gieskes, due to his expertise in nature and trees in particular. Partly in response to a recent article in the AD about an old lime tree on Clingendael.


The Monuments Prize is an initiative of former councilor Margaret Baroness De Vos van Steenwijk. The Wassenaar Monuments Prize working group, consisting of: Nicolaas Conijn, Gerbrand Nijman, Paul Ronke, Heimerick Tromp, Margaret de Vos van Steenwijk and Kees Wassenaar (chairman), examines the nominations and appoints the winner.