Meyland 🚪

Backershagenlaan 19
Open from 11.00-17.00hrs on registration see the events page for more information

India House (Villa Meyland)

Residence of the Ambassador of India

Programme for the Monuments Day 8 September 2018

11:00 hrs                 Yoga Demonstration  by Amit & Shikha Khanna

11:30 hrs                 Bollywood Dance Workshop by Neeta Verna

12:00 hrs                 Satyam Shivam Sundaram – Dance Yoga by Shikha Khanna

12:30 hrs                 Kavvali and other songs by Pawan sharma and team

13:00 hrs

13:30 hrs                 Tablaby Heiko Djiker  students

14:00 hrs                 Bollywood Dance Workshop by Vaijayanti

14:30 hrs                 Satyam Shivam Sundaram – Dance Yoga by Shikha Khanna

15:00 hrs                 Raveendra sangeet by Ms Aditi Saha

15:45 hrs                 A view through the objects of art- Guided tour of the monument by Prof Nirmala Sharma

16:00 hrs                 Popular Indian songs

11:00-17:00 hrs                 Other activities:

Mehendi (Removable Indian tattoo)

Dress up in Indian Clothes: Photo opportunity!

Jewellery display

Sampling of Indian food

The grounds of Meyland belonged to the vast estate of Backershagen until 1911. The Rotterdam merchant, Frits Weise bought a large part, where he had two villas built, Meyland and De Wiltzangk. Meyland, which was built in english countryhouse style, dates from 1912. Weise was an active gardener and added a vegetable garden, greenhouse and an orchard to his property. Intended as an extension to the house, a geometrical garden was designed directly behind it, by landscape architect Dirk Tersteeg. Meyland is now the residence of the Indian ambassador.